The 1900s
1900: Basketball's first dynasty
Trenton gives birth to professional hoops with a team that wins championships with as few as 24 points.

1901: The Nellie Bly's bloody demise
The modern, 60 mph express collides with another train in Hamilton, killing 17.

1902: Trenton tornado
A twister cuts a 2-mile swath through the heart of the city, wrecking 100 homes and causing a tragic drowning.

1903: Downpour of destruction
The Delaware River runs 28 feet over its banks, killing three men and taking out nine bridges from Trenton north.

1904: Teddy swings the big stick
A Trentonian and his son become the first American victims of Mideast terrorism -- and a cause for Theodore Roosevelt.

1905: A town called Roebling
Trenton's leading industrial family creates a neat and controllable little steel town on the Delaware, in Burlington County.

1906: Rumble over 'The Jungle'
From his home in Princeton, muckraker Upton Sinclair pens his stomach-turning book on the meat-packing industry, which leads to wide reforms.

1907: Shocking way to die
Trenton prison conducts its first electrocution, jumping on a bandwagon Thomas Edison used to publicize electricity.

1908: Gruff old Grover
Castigated while in office, former President Cleveland dies at his Princeton home and is eulogized as a statesman.

1909: The devil went down to Jersey
The monster of the Pine Barrens has an active year, appearing with spooky regularity and venturing as far north as Trenton.
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