The 1910s
1910: A drive round the world
Trenton society lady Harriet Fisher becomes the first woman to circumnavigate the Earth in an automobile.

1911: 'Trenton makes' history
Trenton's connection to the world is proclaimed in a new sign on a span across the Delaware

1912: Titanic tragedy strikes Trenton
A Roebling son and a city businessman trying to beat depression over his wife's death go down with the ship.

1913: Woodrow Wilson's White House journey
The Princeton professor proves too honest for Jersey's bosses -- but good enough to be president.

1914: That marvelous Mercer motor car
An auto built in Hamilton, the sleek Mercer Raceabout wins big races and praise from the fledgling industry.

1915: Sabotage
Two Roebling steel plants burn down within months, fueling suspicions the culprit was German agents blocking supplies to the Allies.

1916: Italians and Chambersburg
A new wave of immigrants brings its culture and great food to the Trenton neighborhood.

1917: The doughboys of Dix
Trenton answers the call of World War I and sends thousands of its young men to train at a newly created Army base in Burlington County known as Camp Dix.

1918: Paul Robeson and Neadom Roberts
Two black men from Mercer County gain worldwide distinction -- the first as a great athlete, orator, scholar and singer, and the second as the first American to win France's Croix de Guerre for war heroism.

1919: Votes for women!
Four years after being defeated in a men-only New Jersey election, woman suffrage is victorious, capping a long struggle for equality of the sexes.
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