The 1970s
1970: Fighting the Mafia
Frank Sinatra answers a subpoena to appear before a mob-busting Jersey commission as an investigator charges politicians are "entirely too close" to organized crime.

1971: Jersey plays the numbers
The state lottery sells its first ticket, launching a program that raises millions for the government and creates a whole new class of gambling addict.

1972: Cable TV scandal
A sensational corruption trial reveals dealings between a colorful set of Trenton pols accused of taking bribes from the charismatic nephew of Irving Berlin.

1973: Constitutional crisis
A judge rules that New Jersey's local property taxes are inherently unfair, especially for funding schools, setting up a battle for the pursestrings that continues to this day.

1974: A pitcher's unwanted fame
Trenton's greatest baseball player, Dodgers southpaw Al Downing, is victimized by Hank Aaron's record-breaking 715th home run.

1975: Not a drop to drink
Trenton's water filtration plant breaks down, leaving half a million people with no tap or shower water for a scary week.

1976: The swine flu scare
A recruit at Fort Dix dies of a mysterious bug, sparking a nationwide inoculation program that appears to run well until the vaccine starts killing people.

1977: "Julia" and Muriel
An Oscar-winning movie, "Julia," borrows controversially from the real story of the Pennington woman who smuggled cash to the anti-Nazi forces of Austria.

1978: Crazy Jean Zelinsky
A spinster from Hunterdon County chops off her mother's head, then tosses it onto the steps of the State House during the office Christmas parties.

1979: Murder at Mill Hill

A socialite attracted to Trenton's gentrifying neighborhood is brutalized and killed by a sick son of the city who has been stalking her.

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