The 1980s
1980: Abscam
Phony sheiks carrying briefcases stuffed with cash catch a Trenton congressman in the act of taking bribes, ending his career and paving the way for a 25-year-old Chris Smith to take his seat.

1981: Sammy "the Bull" and his Trenton hits
A charismatic renegade mobster from Trenton is rubbed out by Sammy Gravano in retaliation for the slaying of a capo's son.

1982: I-95 takes a strange twist
Furious local opposition keeps the highway from cutting a path through Hopewell, meaning that there will be no direct interstate link between New York and Philadelphia.

1983: Mayor Barbara
Sharp-witted Southern belle Barbara Boggs Sigmund becomes mayor of Princeton and later a figure revered statewide for her courage and humor while fighting cancer.

1984: Trenton's makeover

State government spends millions and gives tycoons millions more in tax breaks to rebuild downtown, giving the city a whole new skyline.

1985: Crack comes to Trenton
In a smokeable new form, cocaine become priced for the ghetto and quickly begins destroying the lives or users and those close to them.

1986: Fire at Shenanigan's
Two city firemen die when they're lost in smoke while battling a blaze at a downtown bar --  a tragedy that leads to reforms in building code.

1987: Burning mad over incineration
Officials shake hands on a deal to bring a trash burner to Duck Island, the beginning of a project that put taxpayers $115 million in the hole before environmental opposition scrapped the plans.

1988: Giuliani and Princeton
In his quest to topple Wall Street junk-bond king Michael Milken, an ambitious federal prosecutor named Rudolph Giuliani goes after key figures at a once-well-regarded Princeton brokerage house.

1989: Who killed Cissy?
An intruder kills a beloved Princeton socialite with several stabs to the back. Unsolved, it ranks as Princeton's most notorious crime.
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