The 1990s
1990: Trenton enters the Palmer era
Doug Palmer, after years of patiently waiting for his chance, fulfills his parents' dream of him as Trenton's first black mayor.

1991: Earl Hill
Nine months after America saw the L.A. cops beating Rodney King, 6-foot-8 Trenton officer Earl Hill smacks around a guy while a video camera rolls.

1992: Dan Quayle's spelling bee
The vice president of the United States spells "potato" wrong during a media event at a Trenton school, a gaffe that haunts him through the coming campaign.

1993: A 350-year-old problem -- solved!
A shy and secretive Princeton genius fulfills his life's ambition -- and the dreams of countless mathematicians -- by cracking a 17th-century puzzle known as "Fermat's last theorem."

1994: And the Thunder rolls
Sam Plumeri Sr. puts his money where his dream is and brings professional baseball back to Trenton for the first time in almost 50 years.

1995: Christiemania

New Jersey's first woman governor is popular with moderate Republicans across the U.S., who view her
-- temporarily -- as presidential or vice-presidential timber.

1996: The biggest blizzard

In 37 hours of nonstp snow, Greater Trenton is paralyzed under a white blanker two feet thick. It's the storm today's children will tell their grandchildren about.

1997: Justice for Megan

The murder of the 7-year-old Hamilton girl by a convicted molester who lives across the street creates Mercer's trial of the century and leads to neighborhood notification laws.

1998: Snake eyes at the Baron
Hamilton's dirty little secret is exposed when state troopers raid a social club known for its charity work and discover it's also a casino frequented by the town's political elite.

1999: Profile of controversy

State authorities concede that troopers have been stopping motorists based on their race, stirring racial protest on the eve of a key Trenton referendum on who controls the local police department.

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